Scheduled tours to the Patarei Prison

In addition to the option of booking a full tour, we are now offering a chance to sign up for a scheduled tour.

The tours will take place in case of minimum of 10 people attending. If the tour is not going to take place, we will notify you about the cancellation one hour before the scheduled start time. If no such text message has been received, it is safe to assume the tour will take place.

Therefore, please sign up, so we'll know to expect you.


The rates are 8 EUR per person (6 EUR per student or pupil) for an English language tour and 7 EUR per person (5 EUR per student or pupil) for an Estonian language tour.

PLEASE NOTE! As of Monday, 5 October, the Patarei sea fortress prison and the cafe on the beach will be closed for the winter season, so you are no longer allowed to enter any parts of the prison on your own.  

However, the scheduled tours will be continued, so you are welcome to sign up and join us. 

The meeting place will be at the big gate. It looks like this.


This week, the tours have been scheduled for:

Saturday, 6 February at 3 pm (in English)

Sunday, 7 February at 3 pm (in English)



The prison can be chilly and damp as well as the floors and stairs are a bit run down in places, so make sure to bring warm clothing and wear comfortable footwear. IF POSSIBLE, BRING A TORCH! Or have a smartphone light. The place is very dark and partly rather dangerous.

In case of further inquiries or cancellation, please phone Andrus at +372 50 460536 or Kadi at +372 5380 5390 (you're welcome to text or to use WhatsApp) or send an e-mail to



One Day Tours Patarei+ (Discover Northwest Estonia)

Come and discover Northwest Estonia with us!

Beautiful and partially still untouched nature, picturesque scenery, stately homes, ancient churches and graveyards or, in contrast, the remnants of our dark Soviet past - military objects.

We offer four different routes with variety of attractions and destinations our travellers can choose from according to their preference.

The groups will be small -- from 6 to 13 persons. The departure point will be set to your convenience (either the hotel, harbour, or the airport). 

Tours are available in English, Finnish, and Estonian, 80 EUR per person.



Guided tours to Patarei prison available all year round!


Interested to learn about the history of this majestic sea fortress that from early 20 century up until 2002 functioned under different regimes as the most notorious prison in Estonia?

Contact us to book a guided tour!


Our tour guides are unique as they have either direct experience of the place or they have been conducting in depth research and therefore the information they'll share with you, the strories they tell are fascinating. With a tour guide you'll get access to the parts of the prison single visitors are not allowed to.



Part of the prison is also accessible for single visitors from 1 May to 30 September 2015.

Admittance: 12pm to 6:15 pm, rate per adult: 3 EUR.



Also, the Patarei Prison Beach Cafe is open daily from 12pm to 9pm (and for longer in case of any special events or a large number of customers).

Come and enjoy a drink and a snack on a sandy beach while admiring the magnificent view through a barbed wire!



S.H. professor from Harvard: “More attractive than Alcatraz!“

R.E.  real estate businessman from Melbourne: “On my month-long trip to Europe, this was the most strange and emotional sight”

A.S. journalist from Kiev: “I’ve been to many soviet prisons, but something like this I’ve never seen”


Patarei sea fortress-prison

Patarei is a culture park with rich history, providing various opportunities to spend your leisure time. Discover Patarei on a guided tour or organise your own event in Patarei with an option  to order prison-catering for your event!

Make your reservations at Check for more information under attractions!

Culture Park Patarei presents the history of Patarei sea fortress-prison and also carries out various events throughout the year.



In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei. Introduced as a cannon battery in 1840, the fortress occupies a seafront area of 4 hectares (10 acres).
Over the past centuries the formidable fortress has had various uses – as of 1867 functioning as Russian army barracks, from 1920 onwards as a high security prison under several regimes, and from 2007 as a Culture Park.

This unique example of finest military engineering and architecture of early 19th century has finally, in the 21st century, changed from a longtime symbol of repressions and evil to a favourite hangout for the residents of the nation’s capital and visitors alike, a multifunctional place to spend one's leisure time and have fun.